Montag, 1. August 2011

Tools I prefer in FCPX

In a discussion over at I got asked to list "the many ways" that I believe FCPX was better than FCP7....

so here´s my answer, and when I get time I´ll extend the list

- Media Management and the whole keyword-structure...don´t think I need to explain why that is better than the old FCP bin where I never knew where I was and when I looked for something needed a loupe for it; now just type a keyword;and in fact it looks like bins still
- smart collections are on top of all that without subclipping (e.g. best/crane/evening/talentB/crowdnoise) 
- Skimming: Open your Event and skim through hours in minutes; no more double clicking dozens of clips to see what´s in them and it allows you to be a little careless with your keywords if need be;

editing: I list a few simple tools that make life easier for me
- on many operations FCPX keeps playing! It doesn´t stop for every trim or plays.and it plays in the background while you maybe adjust a motion effct or work in Photoshop or read the Cow
- again skimming: no more aiming for the timebar; move your mouse to where you want to start, hit SPACE or some other key....done; BTW you can turn it off and use JKL...surprise
- primary storyline (full ripple-mode): I often get back to my edits to tighten them. This time I don´t need to watch for collisions and lost sync on various tracks. Maybe again I can edit a little more careless, but why is that bad? If I need more "freedom", use the P tool to position clips down the line
- Trim-Start / Trim-End / Trim to Selection: these save hours every week and I missed them since I saw them on Edius.
- the new replace commands are a faster way of the 3-point edit. Select the clip (one click instead of click in, set I, click out set O; but you can still do that and then you can still insert, overwrite the selection or set a connected clip above) 
- this time round nesting works: compound clips and especially the secondary storyline help arranging sidetracks of the story and stay connected to the exact moment in the primary storyline where you want them no matter what you do; if I need them in certain tracks I need to be innovativ, that´s true, but I can manage that because you can move compound clips up and down; say you have graphics for different languages....compound them; stack them and toggle them on / off
- timeline index: longtime missing in FCP
- audition; although I didn´t use it much yet, when I did it was a solid help
- Titles/Effects from Motion: some of you pure editors don´t need this if you have graphics departments, but for smaller houses this new motion-to-FCPX plug is very practical. And trust me your graphics artists will surprise you when they publish new graphics into your project without you noticing it ;-)

add ons:
- NO became so "normal" i forgot about this.

- 64-bit..if FCPX needs to render it does so by using 100% of my hardware

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