Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

5429 items and growing, database still untested.

I have now ingested pretty much all filmclips and some songs. there will be several more audioclips and animation out of Motion or AfterEffects, but I guess 5500 will be where this project will end up sizewise.

FCPX seems to handle this load of clips easily (keep in mind it uses all of my 16GB RAM right now!).

When in List mode the Event Browser is snappy. When in Icon Mode I need to wait a little while changing keywordcollection or Folder, but nothing unusual. While I stay within a folder/collection there is no delay or lag at all.

FCP7 constantly crashed on me while scrolling, when I had bins with many clips and thumbnails activated . FCPX does not mind to show dozens of clips with waveforms in the Event Browser. That is a surprise to me for a .0 release.

Then again it crashed twice today when I imported animations (ProRes422 movs). So it is not perfect yet, but it is definitely workable.

One little feature would be useful in the Eventbrowser: Now I have listview with the selceted clip showing one line, or I have icon-view where clips simply fill the lines and then drop into the next line. that´s hard to scroll through. I would like a iconview where every clip has its own line regardless of its duration. That would be a cool addition to the slider that allows to select seconds, minutes or ALL in the icon-view settings.


  1. Well, i tried to open this prject now in the MacBookPro again after the merge. I am close to 5500 clips now and there are 8 Projects connected to this Event.....MBP doesn´t really like it anymore. I am left with 9MB of RAM and it takes 10 minutes to open up and stop spinning. So while it works fine on a MacPro, this size is too much for my mobile machine.
    I will have to do some editing on the road on it, so I will create a new event on another disk with only parts of the footage (e.g. some interviews) and then create a project there. This project I will copy to the BEAST drive later and recoonect the interviews to the main event again. That should work :D

  2. FYI 5527 clips at the moment.....and its growing still.

  3. FYI 5694 clips....growth slowing down