Montag, 18. Juli 2011

Roadtrip over, now the real editing starts and FCPX is working still

We are back home, the race is over. Over are the long days on the motorbike/in the trunk of a car.

As you have noticed we only did some basic editing on the road. Those clips were mainly made to show the racers at their prizegiving. So it was not artistic editing and we had no time for audioediting, but killed the atmosounds and put music on top. The goal was to see how fast FCPX can be, and if you consider we had shooting days that lasted up to 15 hours, then ingested 500 clips and more and then edited a 2,5 minute piece (still the same people working, no assistant editor on set etc) all in a few hours on two macbooks then those "webclips" are great and they helped to motivate the racebikers to saddle up the next day again. I doubt Avid could have been faster.....or premiere....maybe Edius has the same speed.

BTW we shot a few nice interview-sets beside the race don´t worry, just because there are none in our small daily clips. doesn´t mean we didn´t shoot any.

Ok, what happened FCPX-wise: Once I got home I mirrored the BEAST working disk...again.
Our workflow is finally set and I learned a lot these days. Here´s how my plan would be now and is for the future:

1. Offload all original data from cameracards into main RAID "BEAST" (WD MyBook SE 4TB RAID-0). I sorted the Folders by "Day-Shooter-Camera".
2. On XDCam material: send it through XDCam transfer into a new directory "Day-Shooter".
3. On h264...leave it where it is.
4. Now back all these files up onto a small 2,5 inch drive
5. Format camera cards
6. In FCP import the material and click "Optimize Media". I wouldn´t click "Copy media" anymore. That would mean (and does so on a few days of this project) that I have on the same drive the native footage, then the Copy of the native footage and then the Optimized media. Not necessary when I have a mirrored image of my Events and Projects folders with all optimized media anyway.
7. Mirror "BEAST" to a 3,5`` backup-drive.
8. Every now and then I also copy the "CurrentVersion" Final Cut Files from the Events and Projects.

So in the end I have the native camerafootage, a copy of that, then the FCPX structure and a copy of that as well. 4x safety......and preferably transport the copies in different bags/cars ....we didn´t do that though.

Ok, when we got home as I said we mirrored the project to a brandnew disk. Now I have a Status Quo after the race, which I leave in the closet and work on as before with the other disks.

And finally move to the MacPro.....aahhh...nice. As I said 64-bit is hungry and my Macbook might simply be too old now for 1080p work with thousands of clips. It is still great for dailies and such though.

Then....I had to merge the main project with the daily Events from Stefan. If you read all of the blog you remember this didn´t work to good last time. I started with his "stage one". It took an hour...spinning beachball and all. When it was done....I had lost all folders and smart collections as expected. But the keyword collections from the Events "Peakbreak" and "Stefan Etappe 1" were there. So far so good.

Now I selected all other dayevents from Stefan (2-6) and dragged them onto Peakbreak and started the merge. I left it running overnight.......came back in the morning and it looked good, but it felt terrible. Clicking an icon meant a spinning beachball for a did we now finally break FCPX and my Mac Pro? The RAM was used up...I have 16GB installed and had 23MB left.

No, we didn´t. I quit FCPX which gave me my 16GB back, restarted the machine and started FCPX again. Now it is running happily again. This database-merging stuff seems to be hard on the machine.

Next step....importing the last stage and importing all material from the third camera. This is the P2 stuff that we didn´t have time to ingest yet. This is currently happening and I am well beyond 4500 quicktime clips, add audio, synced compound clips, grafx and so on.....the project is relatively big now. Not a feature film yet, but a shortfilm easily. During the P2 import I am left with 300MB apparently the RAM and GPU do a lot of work, while the CPU is almost idle right now.

What´s interesting on the P2 DVCProHD import is the fact that I had errors on my Macbook...but not on my Mac Pro. No idea why, but wanna share the info.

Ok, ingest should be over soon. a few more GoPro Shots need to be transcoded (I do that in MPEG streamclip. because I don´t want to have 80GB of GoPro rubbish in my project but select them outside FCPX).

Then we start the edit - teh real edit - where broadcast rules apply....the audio needs to be proper, the colours need to be legal and the story needs to be in place.

We have 2 deadlines looming and need to be ready to output to tape. So we will have to leave the FCPX universe one day for that. I will keep you guys updated with screenshots and findings and also have a few more features I would like and miss now. So maybe Apple listens in here and takes notes.....

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