Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

Using Peakbreak as our first FCP-X Megatest

We are two film-producers. And we plan to put FCP-X to a real test this week.
Stefan can be found here
Alban is living here

We are about to produce several films and formats in 1080p for this event:

Peakbreak is a nine day bicycle race through the Austrian and Italian Alps. The riders will have to cycle 1.000km and over 19.000 altitude meters. So they are up for a huge task.
Thankfully the food is awesome in the areas we cross, so there is always the chance of a stop beside the road.....

We are following the race on motorbikes and in cars with a SONY PMW-F3, a Canon 7D, a Nikon D7000, a SONY EX-1, a SONY EX-3 and a Panasonic HVX200E. So we will get our mix of footage-formats from XDCam HD to DVCPro-HD and h.264; add audio recording via a Zoom H4N and you know we are in for a heavy load of transcoding, synchronising etc.

If you take into consideration that we will put out daily clips on the web, produce two documentaries for the national TV-networks ORF and ServusTV and also plan on making a one hour director´s cut for the Bicycle Filmfestival - all in 2 weeks, then you know we are gonna squeeze any editing system down to its knees.

We decided to use the brandnew Final Cut Pro X, X as in 10.0 , ten-ZERO! Yes, we use a dotzero software. Why? Because we tried it and since then hate everything else. It is SOOO fast, at least we believe so. Until now. Ask me in 3 weeks what it is about. Basically we think it is the future. So why wait, if it´s already around the corner?

Problems we will have to solve:
- how do we import and manage hundreds of dailies that have to be tagged with dozens of rider´s-numbers/names and streetcorners etc
- ingesting and mixing tons of different formats
- editing itself
- compositing, tracking, effects
- grading without color?
- output without dedicated audiotracks? huh? well, we think we have a workaround inplace....and if we are lucky Apple brings an update within the next 3 weeks did MC Hammer sing? "PRAY!"...that was it.

We started shooting last week in Vienna where we hooked up with the bicycle-club RADCORE.
They have several members in the race, and they had a great garage as a set for the interviews. We can´t wait to meet them again and shoot them racing.

Today was a shoot on Kitzbüheler Horn, one of Austria´s steepest mountains, which will be a time-trial stage in a few days.

We are importing right now and get back with results soon ;-)
Stay tuned and cross your fingers.....

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