Montag, 11. Juli 2011

We are back online....

Sorry, but we have been in an internetfree zone for two days, hence we could´t upload our first clips, because even the organization of the race was blacked out.

Here is the first clip we created…..
hope you like it. 

BTW the MOVE EVENT command works. If you read our earlier blog-entires from this project you know we had trouble merging Events.
We have not tried to move from the same drive, because there is not much time for testing right now anymore. 

After working with FCPX for 2 weeks in tests and now several days in a real-world project there are some more findings:

The EDITOR is extremely powerful. It is quick, intuitive and does help to shorten editing time - a LOT. The new shortcuts seem to work good also, but if you can´t give up your old ones just remap the keyboard.

The media management is very very helpful, but it requires a new way of organizing.....

But there are some thing in FCPX we would like to have changed/optimized. 
A small list:
- what really annoys us is the way you pick and drag in FCPX especially in the Event Browser. Often you wanna drag a clip to the timeline or a keyword, but instead you select a range. And if you want to move, for instance, a keyword and drag it into a folder a few lines below I often select a bunch of lines. I need to drag left first to detach the line/keyword collection/folder and then can move it. 
- another HUGELY annoying "feature": In and Out points are lost when you click elsewhere. Yes, you can select a favorite for the clip and keyword it and all that is great and fine, but if I want to set an I and O then that´s all I want and when I get back the last I/O should still be there. 
- spinning beachball quite often. it recovers after a few seconds, still the software seems to think a lot and stops responding…..

A little tip: I ran into this problem: I had a song and needed to shorten it. So I cut out a piece. The Song was below the primary storyline. So when I cut it I have a second audioclip connecting to the primary storyline. Now I wanted to move the clip it was connected to. Well, the audio went with it. 
Solution: right-click the clip from the primary storyline and detach it from there. It becomes a secondary storyline. The primary gets a GAP clip, and your song connection stays. Replace the gapclip with a new filmclip.

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  1. Good info, thanks. Hope you can keep editing the whole thing with FCPx and tell us.

    Liked the shots in the video, not sure about the music but the clip works. The climbs are scary!