Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

more F3 settings

although principal shooting is finished for now for this project (there will actually be another shoot for the long documentary with some race-participants from Scandinavia in August) we want to share more infos about the F3. Stefan is tweaking his settings based on our experiences on this project. Here´s his newest report:

something was missing... something that the vdslr have and the f3 hasn't.... a baked in look i mean. well, today i hooked up my d7000 and looked at my F3-profiles. something seemed wrong - not wrong, but different.... so i started all over again, and here's the vdslr match i came up with....

Level: -4
Phase: +2
R-G: 31
R-B: -9
G-R: -5
G-B: 8
B-R: +57
B-G: +9

!!!...this will make the reds go way too "orangeish"....!!!

so: go to multimatrix, do a region detection: select a red/orangeish region in your picture, and let the F3 detect this region
then dial in:
Axis: R
Hue: +35
Saturation: -37

i have to work with this setting to see if something goes wrong in skin tones etc, but so far i like this one...
try it out and tell me what you think!

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  1. well, these settings worked great in one shoot, but not in the next. so right now the F3 is still in a "profile-finding-phase". Ignore what we posted only worked to avoid some orange tint in one location.....